Enjoying Her Elbow Tie

An innocent enjoys the feeling of having her hands and elbows tied for the first time:

He unlocked the handcuffs from my wrists. For a moment I was able to massage my wrists in front of me, about the only time they had been in front of me for days. The sudden thought of hitting him over the head with something and running leapt into my mind. But there was still the handcuffs on my ankles, and I wouldn’t be able to get very far with those on. When he took my hands and pulled them behind my back, I didn’t protest.

But I was surprised when he placed my hands palm to palm rather than cross them as they had been all that time when tied with rawhide. But I was too busy thinking about the new rope, which although soft but still very strong, to wonder about why the chance in position of my hands. He wrapped the rope around my wrists, not too tightly, then passed the rope between my arms and around the other ropes, cinching them down. Everything tightened down with those cinch windings, so that, when he tied the final knots, my wrists were pretty tightly bound together. But it was much more comfortable that rawhide — thank heaven for small favors.

Just as I was wondering how it would be to sleep like this, I felt a loop of rope going around my elbows and tightening. “No!” I started to protest, but suddenly his arm pulled my elbows together and then the rope tightened around them. Quickly he was wrapping more rope around my arms just above the elbows and I was becoming quite helpless. It was a strange feeling. I had never touched my elbows behind my back, and certainly never been tied with them like that. It was uncomfortable, yes, but not terribly so. I could see where it would be okay for a while but had a feeling that it would grow more and more uncomfortable as time passed. It was quite a strain on my arms and shoulders.

It was then that I realized what else being tied this way did to me. It made my breasts stick out! Forcing the arms back behind me sort of pushed my chest out and I could look down to see my breasts straining against the fabric of the blouse. I also noted that my nipples were rather enlarged and had to wonder about that. I knew from some times when I had experimented with touching myself that the nipples do get larger. But I wasn’t touching myself then and didn’t know why they should be doing that. But there they were, little bumps showing through the thin material.

From Valley Of Captive Maidens by F.E. Campbell.

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2 comments on “Enjoying Her Elbow Tie”:

RC commented on December 2nd, 2017 at 8:30 am:

Her nipples are sensitive enough to feel the slight drag of the fabric of her blouse every time she takes a breath. She can try to sit as still as she can, but to a male eye, the heaving of her breasts are a slow, steady beckoning.

All a guy has to do is watch quietly from a short distance away. When she sees his eyes glance at her chest, then meet her own eyes with a silent, unblinking stare, she will start to blush deeply. Knowing his thoughts, and aware of her own unwilling sexual advertisement, she shifts her position slightly to cross her legs.

This makes him smile. “Nice ankles,” he says.

Dominated Debbie commented on December 22nd, 2017 at 3:19 am:

One of my favourite ties, either using ropes or armbinders.

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