Ashley Lane On Her Knees

The strict ropes that keep Ashley Lane on her knees in her recent Real Time Bondage live show make her look surly, but honestly that’s probably just the pain talking. In this posture and in that relatively demure clothing with those faintly-pissed-off looks on her face, she really reminds me of some of the girl-next-door models from the vintage bondage magazines of the 1970s and 1980s, the sort of girls who would get hired by a photographer with no real idea what they were in for (or at least, that was always the fantasy the magazines would pitch).

Anyway these photos are from right before they drop her down on top of a powerful riding vibrator that she can’t escape from, which causes an immediate shift (if not precisely an improvement) in her mood:

rope bondage kneeling posture for Ashley Lane

roped elbows for Ashley Lane

surly look on Ashley Lane face as she is forced to kneel in rope bondage

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