Trapped By A Leering Stranger

bondage anal leering fiend

Gentleman, that face leering over Abella Danger’s captive shoulder in the latest production from Sex And Submission, mark it well. In this context — a friendly bondage-anal sex romp in which Abella knocks on Ramon Nomar’s door to beg a cup of cell phone reception — it’s just what it is. But in the grander scheme of things, it’s also why you’re an asshole if you tap on the shoulder of that cute girl on the bus who is hiding (from you and from that) inside her headphones and her hoody. It’s why you can’t — or shouldn’t — chat up girls at the gym unless they chat you up first. It is the very iconography of fear; it’s what the mothers of “good girls” worried about in the 1990s the first time internet dating got explained to them.

Every now and then, art (and its archetypal henchmen) sneaks into porn. This might be one of those times.

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