Rediscovering Her Love Of Collars

Girl On The Net used to have a thing for collars, until she let the One True Way posers talk her out of it:

When I was young, I wore a dog collar. A literal, actual dog collar of the kind you could buy from any old pet shop. Black leather, studded: the kind you’d use if you wanted your dog to look slightly menacing. I desperately wanted my boyfriend to clip a leash through the metal loops and pull my face onto his cock while I sucked him. But he never did.

Then I grew up, and collars stopped being a sexy thing. I’d met too many people at munches or fetish parties who explained to me that collars were significant. They’re not just a play item or part of a costume: your collar must be placed delicately on your neck by a dominant that you are bonded to. You must perform the collaring ritual, devote yourself to Him, capitalise His pronouns to indicate respect and ensure that while you are collared you always always obey. Although I was fascinated by the idea of it, too many people implied that it was compulsory – the One True Way to do collars.

Yeah, I knew some proper dicks back then.

Fortunately, she’s managed to recover some of her former collar-lust. How did she do it? You’ll have to read that in her own words, but it involves (of course) enthusiasm and the right person.

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