Backyard Girl Cages

caged women of 1936

I can’t say I understand the caption here. What’s pitiful about her figure? I figure we’re supposed to pity her because of her dire caged-in-the-back-yard plight, but… would it be crass of me to say that what actually moves in me at this fetching vision is something other than pity? Yes, I suppose it would be crass — so, never mind.

Illustration is by Laurence Spinelli from the January 1936 issue of Saucy Movie Tales. It may have been an inside illustration for the story “Beast Of Hollywood”, but I’m just guessing.

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Cardy commented on June 11th, 2017 at 11:29 am:

This scene (with some details different) occurs in “Island,” by Richard Laymon (1995). It takes up a significant part of the last half of the book, in fact. Now I can’t help wondering whether Laymon saw this drawing and was inspired.

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