Sex Dolls Do What They’re Told, And No Backtalk!

At least some of the people who come to kink via the route of adolescent fantasy do so, I speculate, because of how difficult it can be as a young man to deal with the whims and rejections and verbal put-downs of attractive but dismissive young women. I can speak only for myself when I say that the appeal of reading during puberty about John Norman’s Tarl Cabot stuffing the lovely-but-snotty Aphris of Turia into a leather dung sack for the night in Nomads of Gor wasn’t so much that he planned to ravish her in the morning (although he did so plan, and did so ravish); the appeal was that he thereby neutralized her hostility and silenced her scorn, which are feats that seem at once unattainable and heroic to your average awkward horny teenage boy.

BDSM as practiced by adults, of course, is nothing like that; but I can’t be the only kinkster who still enjoys putting a ball gag into the mouth of a consenting woman in part because it symbolizes and guarantees that whatever she thinks of the festivities that follow and whatever safe-signal has been set up to guarantee and protect her ongoing consent, she won’t be expressing hurtful verbal rejection while that gag is in there. And I sometimes wonder whether the fetishists whose kink has taken them in the direction of playing with live size sex dolls aren’t expressing a sort of extreme version of the same impulse, deriving sexual excitement and satisfaction from a sexualized object precisely because it can neither reject them nor utter hurtful commentary while doing so.

kneeling french maid life size sex doll

Not being a silicone sex doll fetishist myself, I can only speculate. But I’m aware (if only from Tumblr porn and random doll-fetish blog posts I’ve seen over the years) that the Japanese in particular have carried the art of manufacturing realistic sex dolls to new heights. Looking at a site like OVDoll will astonish you, if you have not spent some time checking out sex doll developments in recent years:

realistic sex dolls

Ovdoll is a Japanese company with a manufacturing facility in China, a commercial office in the US, and the ability to export their sex dolls to almost any country in the world. In addition to the ridiculous selection of dolls on their website, they also offer custom ordering, letting their customers specify features such as body and breast size, skin and eye colors, hair color and styling, facial features, pubic hair style, and more. Indeed, even their not-so-custom models often allow considerable choice about many of these variable features.

pretty soft mouth on sex doll

These sex dolls have come a long way from the jokey primitive “blowup” rubber dolls of 20th-century bachelor-party fame. If their uncanny good looks (often, even, outright beauty) isn’t enough to explain their appeal, might it not stem at least in part from the fact that they stay where you put them and reserve their mouths for activities other than speech? I think it might! banner

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Bound Black Girl Lover commented on June 29th, 2017 at 5:44 am:

there are NO “EBONY” sex dolls!
Why NOT?!

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