Make Her Your “Rear-Hole Wife”

chastity belt makes her a rear-hole wife

rear-hole wife presents her ass for anal sex

permanently sentenced to be a rear-hole wife

These photos of a Japanese woman in a chastity belt with a large rear hole for elimination and (presumably) anal sex access were found here. But there’s an amusing article here where the photos have been aged to look vintage and then described with a no-doubt completely bogus story about the historic role of chastity belts in Japanese culture:

There are several documented instances of their use with virgins and married women among the middle to higher classes in the Tokugawa Period. These were mostly associated with finding the women pleasuring themselves, however the belts were thought to only be kept for repeat offenders.

As you can see in these prints, access was very limited. For riahōru tsuma (married women, lit. rear hole wife) the use of a belt meant that all clitoral or vaginal stimulation was impossible, effectively sanctioning the use of anal sex as the only form of intercourse possible to the husband.

Although details aren’t very clear, it’s believed the above example is a belt that once locked was impossible to remove. A life sentence in effect.

Virgins forced to wear such devices were obviously no longer fit for marriage, and so were commonly forced into prostitution offering their mouth and anus for pleasure. Such Kōmonomi ‘anal only’ prostitutes were very rare in the literature, even prized in some contemporary writings, so it’s believed the practise was strictly limited but quite well known.

I don’t believe a word of it, but I love the phrase “rear-hole wife”.

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