Pulling Her Nipple Strings

It might fairly be said that many a BDSM dominant enjoys playing the puppeteer. But rarely do we see this expressed as openly as it is with Lorelei Lee, here:

Lorelei Lee as nipple puppet with strings tugging on her nipples

Lorelei Lee cries out as tight strings tug on her sensitive nipples

nipples on strings

From the August 19, 2016 update “Worked Over” at Infernal Restraints.

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One comment on “Pulling Her Nipple Strings”:

Kinky Deb commented on August 27th, 2016 at 12:37 am:

What is even more worse is when your breast are tied tight and you have weights hanging from your nipple rings and he then ties thin string around the nipples to pull them around to torture you. Trust me I know!!

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