Submitting To Oral Sex

Girl On The Net wrote about getting head from a dominant guy, and this is a small part of what she said:

When he tells me ‘I want to taste you,’ it is not submissive. He’s not begging me for a lick that I may or may not deign to give him: he’s issuing a command. In the same way as he’s issuing a command if he tells me ‘bend over’ or ‘take off your knickers.’

It’s part request (because of course – of course – in this game no fun is ever compulsory) and it’s also partly a challenge. Can I hold still, lie back, spread my legs and let him bury his face in my cunt without crying out and begging to swap the kissing for a fuck?

What’s more, my slight squeamishness about getting head makes for an excellent power play. It’s an odd mental block, my dislike of oral, and I really like having it challenged. Even if my toes curl. Even if I feel a bit cold and exposed. Even if I know that I’m not going to come from it this time: I like the challenge.

Best of all, though, I like the way he grips my thighs, digging his hands in to remind me that he’s in control…

I’m in complete agreement when she writes “I don’t think any sex act could be inherently dominant or inherently submissive”. But I think most men, especially vanilla men but also many dominants, see pussy licking as a submissive act with the receiver in control. As many Bondage Blog readers probably already know, it doesn’t have to be like that.

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