Washing His Skanky-Stanky Slave Wife

It was a really successful watch party. He’s got a back yard with tall fences. They cooked out, watched the game on a big screen on the patio, drank a lot of beer, and had a great time. The guys in his crew are all kinky, so he made his wife do most of the cooking and all of the serving wearing cuffs and chains and not much else. She got really sweaty; the guys kept her hopping and were very demanding, just like he invited them to be. Some of the serving was really personal, too. He told her “keep the boys happy” — and he meant it.

After they all left? She was a sweaty wreck, covered in dirt, stale beer, cigar smoke, and dried you-know-what. He said “You’re not going in the house like that” and turned the hose on her:

stanky skanky-slave-washing

Photo is from an old Hustler’s Taboo magazine. If you don’t have them all in a box under your bed, more than 65 of these (although I’m not sure if the source of this photo is one of them) are still available digitally when you join the Hustler Network.

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