Allie James On Her Knees

The lovely Allie James looks so innocent in this picture, you can almost imagine she’s wondering “why has he put me on my knees, and what’s he going to make me do?”

allie james chained on her knees

But in this next picture, it’s clear she’s no longer in any doubt what she’s going to have to do:

allie james with her nose clamped and her mouth open for a chained blowjob

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One comment on “Allie James On Her Knees”:

RC commented on January 24th, 2014 at 9:31 am:

She might start off being probed gently, but when she has gotten the idea and the nose clamp is removed, she’ll realize something more vigorous and enthusiastic is now demanded of her. And he won’t want to be bumping against that clamp when that happens!

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