Orgasm-Sensing Brainwave Toy

Oh, this should be fun. Here’s Dave talking about hacking the Mattel Mindflex toy (which normally lets you control the height of a ball floating on a column of air) to get at the surprisingly detailed brainwave data, which can then be piped through an Arduino or another computer of your choice and used to control a vibrator (pleasure) or e-stim device (pleasure or pain depending on settings). He seems confident that the device can usefully detect arousal levels (impending orgasm) and thresholds of discomfort, which opens up the possibility of all kinds of fun predicament bondage, teasing and orgasm denial, or repeated forced-orgasm games.

There’s no unusually interesting ropework here – we’re aiming for immobilisation and sensory deprivation, but other than that, the restraints used don’t take an active part in the scenario. Sensory deprivation is important for the thing that is interesting here – keeping the EEG feed from the NeuroSky chipset in the MindFlex headset as clean as possible. Or, more usefully, NeuroSky’s newly-released elasticated MindBand headset with Bluetooth transmitter, which sends more data than the hacked MindFlex headset – all the way down to raw, non-FFT’d EEG readings.

Once that data has hit a processing system – something like an Arduino (limited capabilities, very cheap, tiny), a Raspberry Pi (flexible, cheap, small), or a full-blown Bluetooth-equipped desktop or laptop computer (extremely flexible, expensive, bulky) – the data can be processed and the vibrator and e-stim state can be set based on the submissive/bottom’s brain activity.

The scenario can be thought of as a loop. The vibrator and e-stim start in the ‘off’ state, and the EEG processor begins monitoring brain activity before the loop starts.

  • Vibrator switches to ‘on’ state.
  • EEG processor detects change of brain activity representing near-orgasm.
  • Vibrator switches to ‘off’ state.
  • System pauses for five seconds.
  • E-stim switches to ‘on’ state.
  • EEG processor detects change of brain activity representing a threshold of discomfort.
  • E-stim switches to ‘off’ state.
  • System pauses for five seconds.
  • Loop repeats from the start.

This could, in theory, continue indefinitely. A control could be added for the dom/top to allow the vibrator to continue to stimulate the sub/bottom to orgasm at the end of the scene – or even a setting for one cycle in ten (or one in any number of cycles, or even a weighted or unweighted random number of cycles) to allow orgasm to be reached, after which the cycle could repeat yet again.

Me, I think the most obvious use of this technology is to control a number of stimulus devices and vary their inputs while monitoring arousal level to whatever extent possible. By closing the feedback loop and giving the computer a way to estimate the subject’s arousal state at all times, we enable machine-mediated trial-and-error routines to quickly determine stimulus regimes that work best under current conditions to achieve whatever your goal is, whether it’s fast hard orgasms or perpetual brink-of-orgasm teasing. In short, this is the first step toward highly satisfying sex-bots as well as diabolical mad-scientist sexual-torment machines.

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FreakGeek commented on June 3rd, 2013 at 3:06 pm:

Or some very pavlovian training: train the sub to orgasm in response to specific pain thresholds.

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