Like Tom Of Finland, Only With Women

It’s impossible to blog as much vintage bondage art as Bondage Blog does without occasionally seeing and admiring the BDSM artwork work of Tom Of Finland. His rigidly gay-male gaze, however, doesn’t fall on female subjects, which means there’s nothing by him that falls under this blog’s “taking pleasure in the beauty of restrained women” mission statement. Or, at least, I haven’t seen anything yet.

It’s therefore somewhat delicious to learn of a “Tom Girls” series of homage art by one G.B. Jones. Spanking Blog has the details. Here we have a pair of lesbian bikers stripping a bound policewoman in I Am A Fascist Pig #2:

stripping and whipping a lady cop who has been handcuffed to a tree with her own cuffs

According to a snippet of artist interview quoted at Spanking Blog, there’s also a “turning the tables on a lecherous guard at the women’s prison” scenario out there as well. But that’s for another post.

Elsewhere on Bondage Blog:

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