Chained In Their Corners

This is from a terrible 1965 “roughie” flick called Tortured Females.

chained in an attic

chained in the attic

IMDB says:

Easily some of the worst acting and lamest direction ever captured on film, this white slavery cautionary tale is all about sheer nighties, bare breasts, and bound beauties who are a little plump around the rump.

Helen decides to visit her aunt in the country to avoid the hooded strangler in the news but gets spotted by a California cowboy when she’s cooling off in a creek. “Chick” turns out to be a creep and rapes Helen in the beautiful California countryside before taking her to “Carl’s” ranch. Carl has naked girls chained up in his dungeon (which is actually an attic), kept by a “half-witted, monkey-chattering, Mongolian hunchback” complete with sound effects…

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