Sharing The Girl In The Pillory

Another Bill Ward classic bondage drawing, via UseNet:

Two hooded men share a girl they\'ve got locked in a pillory

Possibly (guessing based on file names here) from the book Seduced Into Slavery.

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One comment on “Sharing The Girl In The Pillory”:

RC commented on January 24th, 2014 at 9:51 am:

Perhaps as part of her punishment, that is her husband to the right who is forced to watch her being ravished. He is expected to participate by allowing her to fellate him.

It increases her humiliation, and she is shocked at how much he secretly enjoys viewing her torment, since she can sense this by the degree of his hardness and the throbbing and twitching of his member.

Of course, hubby finds the sensation of her mouth around his penis pleasant, but still, there is that nagging little worry in the back of his mind that she might clench her teeth at the moment of orgasm, whether hers or the dungeon-master’s. Or she might clamp down sooner than that, if she gets peeved enough at his unseemly enthusiasm for her being violated!

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