Chained Cheerleader’s Belt Whipping

This is from some of that nasty old 1970s porn – specifically, a stroke book called Chained Cheerleader by Robert Vickers. I’m pretty sure this would nowadays be described as a hostile work environment:

She gasped for air, each breath coming hard. All she could hear was the man laughing and saying, “You’ve been bad. Gotta punish you. God, do I have to punish that sweet white ass of yours!”‘

She felt the man moving her around. Something hard clinked at her left wrist as he pulled her arm out straight. The same thing happened with her right arm. She tried to free herself, all the while gasping for air. She found herself chained firmly to two of the benches in the locker room. As she struggled, she discovered that Bradford had chained her legs, too. This put her face down, supported by the chains, between two benches. Her pussy was widely exposed in the vee of her legs. Now, no amount of struggle would cover up her snatch.

“Trying to disobey your superior, eh?” he said.

She screamed as a leather strap landed firmly on her ass. The pain rocketed all the way up her spine and shocked her into awareness. She could feel an ugly red welt slowly rising on her once smooth ass flesh.

The man didn’t seem content with a single stroke. Another followed, and another and another until she was lost in a terrible world of searing red pain.

He laughed as he whipped her with the broad leather strap. When he stopped, the cessation was almost as bad as the whipping itself. Then he dropped to his knees in the vee of her legs and placed his hand flat on her curvy ass.

“Hmmm, just about the right temperature, don’t ya think?”

“Don’t spank me any more,” she whimpered. “I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t hit me with that strap again.”

“Of course you’ll do whatever I want you to. You have no choice…now. No, I think I’ll whip you a few more times, to make certain you remember this lesson.”

He stood, and this time the whistling leather strap landed across her
turgid cunt lips…

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[…] “She screamed as a leather strap landed firmly on her ass…” […]

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