A Nose Shackle For ThisGirl

I always enjoy encountering descriptions about what various novel sorts of bondage feel like. Here we have thisgirl describing the experience of a fancy German nose clamp:

JG introduced some of the wonderful bondage gear made by Axmar in Germany, including this – the nose shackle.

This girl doesn’t have any facial piercings, aside from ears, but this little device allows the wearer to experience what being restrained by a nose piercing would feel like, since it clamps the septum. It doesn’t hurt, unless someone has a chain dangled from it and yanks, or, you move the way you’re not supposed to.

It was very effective bondage. This girl loved it :)

It was sort of because it was so simple, yet, such an obvious sign of not being in control, and having to move where she was told to avoid it twinging felt very erotic. Probably the most simple thing to compare it to is that feeling you have when you have nipple clamps on and someone is holding the chain and threatening to drop it, and you know that if they do then it’ll hurt more, and you sort of want it to, and don’t… Well… It’s a bit like that. A bit of a predicament, you can either stay where you and be controlled, and elegantly submissive or you can get a fix of pain for your masochism.

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