Desperate Girl, Begging For A Key

In her pussy, she has a large fire egg, carved from rough coral, that’s been coated in butter and well-refrigerated.

Why call it a fire egg, if it was refrigerated? Well, the cold butter is in layers, and it’s melting now. The outer layer was just butter, but that’s all gone. She’s just discovering that the next layer, just starting to melt out of the pores of the surprisingly rough coral, is a spicy JalapeƱo butter. What she doesn’t know yet is that jammed into the deepest pores of the coral is a nasty habanero butter, about fifty times hotter…

Meanwhile, for contrast, in her bottom she’s got a well-carved plug of ginger. So she wants the key, she wants it bad:

anime girl with a figging and a fire egg is desperately begging for the key to get her bondage belt off

But of course, she’s not going to get it until she performs a few intimate personal services…

From Usenet.

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Heraclitus commented on May 15th, 2019 at 1:37 pm:

Handcuff her hands behind her back so he can set the pace and have her give him a nice slow blowjob. Wouldn’t want her to miss the experience of the habanero butter, would we?

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