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Of all the ways you don’t want to accidentally see your sister, wearing a chastity belt has got to rank right up there. From an advice column in the London Free Press:

Question: I stayed at my sister’s home last weekend while her husband was away with his friends. We are very close with each other, I have a great relationship with her husband and I love how he treats her. Early Saturday morning, I got up to go to the bathroom and my sister was doing the same thing. She was not wearing anything except for one thing that I never expected I would see — a locked chastity belt. I was shocked, and went straight to bed and didn’t say anything. Later in the morning, my sister tried to talk to me, and apologized if I was upset with what I saw. I’ve always had the idea that chastity belts were for men to control women. I asked why her husband would be controlling her and she tried to assure me that she likes wearing it for him. He does not force it on her, but she enjoys the lifestyle of him having the keys to her. I don’t know if I believe her. Is she trying to hide the fact that her husband is trying to control her or not? I don’t know if I should believe her.

Answer: There could be a few reasons for this. Either your sister and her husband enjoy bondage, and get sexual satisfaction from her metal undies, or your brother-in-law really is that insecure and controlling.

There’s another option you may not have thought of — and neither did I until I did some research. Maybe your sister has been testing out the waters elsewhere (and didn’t want to tell you), and this is her way of reassuring her husband it won’t happen again.

Apparently chastity belts are quite common in certain circles. If there are no other signs that he is a controlling nut job, such as she has no access to money or a cellphone, or any of a million other things that you may not have been looking for because you think your brother-in-law is great, I would chalk it up to something they normally keep behind closed doors.

It is great that you and your sister have such a close, open relationship. If she had something to hide — such as any abuse — I don’t think she would have sat you down for a detailed description and question and answer session about the appliance and how it applies to their relationship.

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