There was a time, most of a decade ago, when the empire was just one site, and that site was For its time, the site was unique — the bondage was at once simpler and more rigorous than just about anybody else’s. Although continues to produce lots of high quality bondage porn, stumbling over one of their oldest galleries is nostalgic for me. This recent example (seen on Kinky Delight in a much larger size) is what I’m talking about:

vintage steel bondage from

Another from the same gallery:

tied hair and steel shackles

I don’t think it’s too strong to suggest that exists today because of this particular style of bondage photography (and because, at a time when the porn industry was much more conservative than it is today, they weren’t afraid to publish more explicit shots in the same style.)

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SPAZ commented on October 21st, 2009 at 2:23 pm:

My opinion? The look that Kink established was ground breaking and raised the bar that other sites now aspire to. There is a simple reason for the aggressive Kink growth and success-people like getting what they want.

Keep on giving it up.

Midnight Pain commented on October 21st, 2009 at 6:58 pm:

They may have been groundbreaking for the time, but looking at previous Hogtied shoots and comparing them to some current ones, it’s definitely gotten more extreme. Doubly true if you include other sites like SAS, WA, WP, WB, EB, etc. Even early SAS shots tended to be “Tie the girl up, then untie her, and THEN stick your dick in her, while possibly sort of holding her down a little.” Nowadays there’s actual sex with women who are clearly tied up, helpless, and even occasionally looking reluctant as well. Anal sex was almost unheard of in early videos, and now they have a whole site devoted to it. So if was breaking ground back then, it hasn’t stopped.

Sherriff commented on October 22nd, 2009 at 11:28 am:

Sigh. I REALLY miss pussy hair in bondage pics/videos

Kinky Deb commented on October 19th, 2016 at 11:41 pm:

I agree with Sherriff.I love pussey hair in pictures and haven’t shaved mine for years. Keep it trimmed he’s. But husband and I prefer the more natural look.

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