Barbie Goes To Prison

Seeing as how I share a jurisdiction with expensive and litigious lawyers for the toy company in question, I’m going to have to link to Barbie in the Big House rather than showing you the photos. It starts like this:

In our last action-packed adventure, Barbie found herself charged with disorderly conduct, and sentenced to six months in Malibu State Penitentiary!

“Hi there Mr Prison Guard, I’m Barbie!” Barbie chirped cheerily as she shuffled into the admissions area.

[External image link: Barbie in prison shackles]

Initiation into prison life began with a full body cavity search. “Woah there tiger!” Barbie gasped. “Shouldn’t you at least buy me a drink first?”.

[External image link: Barbie getting fisted by gloved prison guard]

There’s much more, all hilarious.

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