The Electric Anal Probe

In this photoshoot from Sex And Submission, the lovely Cecilia Vega falls into the clutches of a crazed doctor. (He wears a white coat, that’s how you can tell he’s a doctor, right?) Before she knows it, he’s giving her the electrified anal probe treatment:

anally probed in bondage

Just a reminder as the recession continues: if your credit cards can’t handle repeating monthly porn site fees any more, you can always buy permanent access to any one of the photoshoots at Kink Unlimited (like this Cecilia Vega shoot) for a flat one-time fee. Buying one shoot at a time gets you access to a lot less porn-per-dollar, but because you’re not buying a monthly subscription, the access you get doesn’t go away at the end of the month. Possibly a better deal for some.

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