Ravished By A Pirate

The trouble with the usual historico-fantastical depictions of the fair maiden captured by evil pirates is that the literary conventions involved usually require a lot of heaving bosoms, ripping lace, swooning, and well-oiled shaven-chested sexy pirate captains who learned seduction and swashbuckling from Errol Flynn. Bondage, if any, would be limited to some scarves at wrist and ankle, of the finest Chinese silk, stretching implausibly to the corners of the pirate captain’s seven-acre bunk.

In reality, of course, pirates (the ones who bothered with the ladies at all) were likely to be greasy, toothless, and entirely unromantic, taking a very direct approach with their bondage captives that’s strongly at odds with the fantasy as depicted in novels with names like “Love’s Ravished Bounty”. No gentle ravishment in the captain’s cabin full of captured finery; much more likely, a rope tied to the overhead and getting straight to business:

raped by a pirate

Artwork is by the French illustrator Albert Dubout. Via the Spank Slaves blog.

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