Tip Your Rented Sex-Slave

I have been publishing this bondage blog since 2003, but somehow the finer points of kinky etiquette have accidentally passed me by. For instance, if you rent a sexual slave by the hour, obviously you keep her well tied, obviously you pay her owner, and obviously you use her thoroughly and in every available sexual orifice, starting with her mouth and leaving no hole unfucked:

rented bondage girl giving a blowjob

The part I did not know was that you are (apparently) also supposed to leave her with a generous one-dollar tip (which, adding insult to insult, she will certainly not be allowed to keep or spend):

mika tan in bondage and holding a generous one-dollar tip in her mouth while looking pissed off

Thanks to Derrick Pierce, Mika Tan, and Fucked And Bound for illustrating today’s completely bogus advice on bondage manners.

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