Riding The Stone Phallus

When you betray a queen, sometimes the punishment is severe:

“She is under guard and awaits your decision, your majesty.”

The queen’s face relaxed, her lips curling into a sardonic smile. “If sex is to her liking, see to it that she is well punished and then send her into the underworld.”

He bowed and made a hasty retreat.

“Bring the wretch along,” he said to the guards, who promptly dragged the girl into a small, airless chamber. He ordered her to sit astride a stone phallus and the girl went wide-eyed. It was long and thick, not smooth like the real thing she now saw displayed from under his tunic, but with deep ridges and knobbles and ringed with a many pointed star fitted under the head. She swallowed hard and straddled the weapon, spreading her legs and slowly bending them at the knees.

“Must I suffer this?” she wept, feeling the tip nudging into her slit.

“It is the Queen’s wish,” he told her flatly, and placed his hands on her shoulders, exerting a strong downward pressure.

She sucked her breath as inch by inch the weapon filled her belly. Fully penetrated, she sat upright, keeping her balance, not daring to move. Inside her sex, the ridges and knobbles teased the delicate and tender petals. The pointed star rubbed against her vaginal walls. Already she was flushed with sexual arousal. The slightest movement of her hips and buttocks would have her on heat.

“Now ride,” Nefru ordered. “Ride it until you’re sore, and at the same time you can suck my cock.”

He saw no point in wasting such an opportunity. She was defenseless, with the guards now tying her hands behind her back, her slim legs thrown wide, her mouth open and there for the taking.

Nefru guided his cock into her mouth and placed his hands at the back of her head holding it rigid. A lash from the guard’s belt sent the girl into a steady rocking motion, bucking her bottom and digging her toes hard onto the stone flags. Riding faster now, the muscles in her calves and thighs hardened and flexed. Her bottom cheeks clenched from the huge weapon teasing her sex. Nefru closed his eyes and sighed at the feeling of her warm wet mouth gliding up and down his shaft.

Soon the girl gasped for breath; half-choking on the organ stuffed deep in her throat, and inside her, the phallus was already doing its deadly work. Streams of love juice poured from her trembling sex and at its base, an artfully placed ridge was driving her to distraction, pushing hard on her swollen clit. Urged on by Nefru’s hands, her head bobbed faster over his cock and she felt its length suddenly harden. He thrust deeper and then suddenly erupted, filling her mouth and throat. She choked and coughed, unable to do anything but swallow the thick globules of sperm slithering into her belly.

“Please, I’ve had as much as I can take,” she wailed. “You’re going to take a lot more,” Nefru told her, wiping his cock head in her hair. “You’ll ride the weapon until your arse splits.”

From the book Temple of Darkness by Geoffrey Allen.

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