Slave Princesses Mounted On The Wall

In which Beauty, she of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, is made to observe the sexual training of slave princesses:

He led her on closer to the female slaves who were being worked in a different manner. Here Beauty saw a lovely red-haired Princess with her legs held apart by two Pages who with their hands massaged that little nodule between her legs. Her hips rose and fell; it was clear she could not control her own movement. She begged to be allowed peace, and just as her face flushed and it seemed she could not control herself, she was let alone, legs held apart so that she groaned miserably.

Another very lovely girl was being spanked and stroked at the same time by a Page who used his left hand between her legs to work her.

And to Beauty’s horror several were mounted on phalluses against the wall on which they worked themselves with wild contortions while the Pages in attendance wielded merciless paddles.

“You see each slave receives simple instructions. She is to work herself on the phallus until she achieves satisfaction. Only then will the paddling cease, no matter how sore she is. She soon learns to think of the paddle and pleasure as one in the same, and soon learns to achieve her pleasure in spite of the paddle. Or on command, I should say. Of course she shall seldom be allowed such satisfaction by her masters and mistresses.”

Beauty gazed at the row of struggling bodies. The girls’ hands were bound over their heads, their feet below. They had little room for moving on the leather phalluses. They twisted, trying to undulate as best they could, the inevitable tears spilling down their faces. Beauty felt pity for them, yet she so craved the phallus. She knew with deep shame it would not have taken her long to please the Page paddling her. As she watched the nearest Princess, a girl with red ringlets, she saw her finally achieve her goal, her face blood red, her whole body gone to violent quivering. The Page spanked her all the harder. She went limp finally as though too weary to feel shame, and the Page gave her a gentle approving pat and left her.

4 comments on “Slave Princesses Mounted On The Wall”:

dncarac commented on April 15th, 2008 at 8:17 am:

There was another scene with a princess hanging by her legs and being stroked by a page with a leather “hand” to the brink but not over. A wonderfully written passage.

rackmasterh commented on April 15th, 2008 at 2:53 pm:

yep, for a woman raised Catholic, anne rice certainly has a good kinky imagination.

Sage commented on April 17th, 2008 at 8:39 pm:

it’s probably not in spite of, but because of her catholic upbringing. nothing like sexual repression to stimulate a host of sexual imaginings. (i can say this because i was raised catholic myself…)

Serif commented on June 3rd, 2008 at 7:09 pm:

Too true, Sage. The link between Catholicism and S&M is not a subtle one. A martyred avatar, martyred saints, shame as a training tool and all that glory-out-of-pain doesn’t just disappear into the ether. It nests in the Id.

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