The Difference Between Dogs And Werewolves

Let’s say you’re a girl. A pretty girl. And you’ve been cursed by the elves, who took the additional step of binding your hands behind your back with some sort of permanent magical shackles.

You’re likely to have adventures. And if you’re a creation of the fertile mind of Grigbertz, your adventures might be portrayed in a series of cute and pretty bondage drawings.

For instance, you might be captured by a witchfinder. You might be turned over to the civil authorities. And they might put you to the pillory, in the public square, with inadequate clothing.

And that, poor girl, is where you might learn the difference, in terms of relative peril, between dogs and werewolves. A dog, friendly soul that he is, might stop by to sniff your smells, probe a bit with his cold nose, and give you a friendly lick:

pilloried girl suffering friendly attention from a dog

But nighttime will come. And, as you shiver under the stars, so too might you encounter a werewolf, whose attentions will be altogether more aggressive:

girl bound in public and ravished by a werewolf

Howl with me, boys! “Awwooooooooo…”

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2 comments on “The Difference Between Dogs And Werewolves”:

RC commented on July 31st, 2008 at 3:10 am:

No “might” about it, as far as the dog giving her a friendly lick. If a slight dab of creamy peanut butter (preferably melted and still a little hot to make her jump a little) is applied with the finger to her clit and vagina, the dog will be licking her for a long time.

Jessica A. commented on November 12th, 2010 at 5:43 pm:

At least she won’t be cold any more. Shivering, maybe, but for a different reason. ;)

Grigbertz is probably my favorite fantasy artist on the web.

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