War Booty

Captured by the enemy, a female soldier finds herself among the spoils of war, as has sometimes been known to happen:

“Look, sir, this humiliating treatment is intolerable! I demand you give me all of the rights guaranteed in the Genev-“

Lisa’s harsh rebuke was cut short by a slap across the face, reeling her head back against the truck door with a thud. Fear and pain flooding back into her brain, Lisa gazed up at her captor. For the first time since she’d seen him, he spoke.

“Alright wench, perhaps its time you understood the situation you’re in. From your submissive, compliant behavior back in the clearing, I took you for an intelligent girl, sensible enough to understand what was expected of you. Now you’ve certainly disproved THAT first impression – you may just be the stupidest bitch I’ve ever seen. Here you are, unarmed, hands tied, completely in my power – I could beat you, rape you, or slit your throat if I pleased – and you think you can kneel there and give me lectures?”

Lisa stared at him, wide-eyed with terror.

“Now, what do you say?” he continued.

“Umm… I’m sorry sir. I’m sorry!” Lisa gasped.

The captor raised his hand to strike her.

Lisa flinched and whimpered hysterically “Please don’t! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll submit! I’ll obey you!”

Lisa got back up into a kneeling position again. “I’ll be a good slave; I’ll do whatever you want…please… master.”

Lowering his hand, the man said “Well then – looks like you’re not quite as stupid as I thought.”

The subjugated young woman averted her eyes from him and stifled a sob.

Continuing, he said “But don’t worry. I’m not going to rape you – yet. That’s the rules. I have to bring all the spoils I find back to camp, so they can be properly divided. Now since I found you and did more than my share of the work, you’ll certainly be given to me. But until then, I can’t take you.”

As Lisa thought about this, he suddenly moved forward, pushing her down against the seat. He ripped open her blouse, and pulled it down to her cuffed wrists behind her back. Her breasts were beautiful; large, yet perfectly rounded, with delicious, quickly hardening nipples at their peaks. Lisa felt the cold morning air on her shaven pubic region as he undid her belt, unzipped her trousers and pulled down her panties. Now completely vulnerable and too afraid to resist, Lisa stared up at her master, trembling.

Pulling off his gloves, he said “But… just because I won’t screw you doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy you.”

From Falk, by Raymond.

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