Kentucky Fried Girl

Women in cages are a Bondage Blog favorite. Why they consent to get into the cages, while always of interest, is much less important than the fact that they always do:

protester in a chicken wire cage

In this case, I think she’s fried by the way chickens are raised (in cages, natch) for the fast food trade.

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ChickenMan commented on January 18th, 2008 at 7:12 am:

Ah yes, this just makes me think of that sign we have on our fridge in this household. It says “Meat is Murder”, and then in smaller print “Tasty, tasty murder…”

I am a carnivore myself, and if chickens looked like that lady in a cage up there, I’d eat even more of them. Sure, it would be considered cannibalism at that point, but hey, she did it to save a chicken.

Kinky Mink commented on January 18th, 2008 at 3:11 pm:

Hey Rope Guy ^-^;;

I really love your blog! I was thinking of starting my own blog of kinkiness, but mine is going to be all men in bondage/femdom But, I had a question. How do I know what images I can use without violating copy right? You use images from other sites, but do you have to e-mail them for permission first, or just site the source? Also, can I use screen captures from DVDs?
Thanks for any help you can give ^-^;

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