Tarantino Loves Women In Cages

You don’t have to watch very many Quentin Tarantino movies before you figure out that the man has a kinky streak a mile wide. But women in cages? (A good idea any Bondage Blog reader can get behind, but we didn’t expect Quentin to say it right out loud.) Here it is, from an article detailing the director’s attendance at a film festival in the Phillipines:

“I’m a huge, huge fan of Gerry de Leon,” he revealed to film students in the four-hour master class he conducted before dinner.

He could hardly contain himself from raving over De Leon’s “soul-shattering, life-extinguishing” movies on vampires and female bondage, particularly “Women in Cages.”

“It is just harsh, harsh, harsh,” he said, and described the final shot as one of “devastating despair.”

Asked why he was so deep into B-grade movies to the point of making his own appear like one, he said those movies he enjoyed in his youth were no longer being made so he was just giving back to a generation that had missed that stuff.

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