Butt Plug Training

Slave Luna wrote the following, which I reproduce here for two reasons. First, it contains a delightful new-to-me word (“shupoofed”). Second, it speaks casually of butt plug training. Happy is the world that has such phrases in it!

I was rather shupoofed about having to do butt plug training again that day when I hate it. I wanted to rebel and argue and fight it, I got grumpy and my attitude stank. I admitted that it felt like a moment where I had to submit and not when I wanted to. I was annoyed with myself that I was acting this way too.

Well, kaya’s voice pops into the comment box and says, “But you still submit, even when you don’t want to, right? That’s the meat of it right there. Submitting to the fun stuff is the easy part.” She’s exactly right. And yes I do submit even when I don’t want to. A year ago I would have had a tantrum, stood my ground and probably gotten into a heap of trouble.

I used to have a huge aversion to blow jobs. Now I’m okay with them, but still get hung up on the taste. I’m improving leaps and bounds though and Master is constantly looking happier and happier. I’ve earned his collar again and been able to say that I’ve not gotten into trouble since then. I’m not a perfect angel, but I’m his angel and that’s all that matters to me.

I’m sure that I will get over the grumpiness I feel when it comes to the butt plug training just as I did with blow jobs. It’s just a matter of time. I’m sure that Master had that thought when, later that night I apologized for my horrible behavior and he said, “It’s okay. You did it anyway didn’t you? ”

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luna commented on May 11th, 2007 at 6:31 pm:

*winks* Inventing words is all a girl has when curse words are forbidden :P


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