Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs

Monmouth proves that even the silliest handcuffs can be great fun:

“You know what?” I asked.


“I’m going to stick my face between your legs…”


“…and I’m going to lick, suck and tease until you come. Screaming.”

Essie laughed. “Fuck yeah.”

I stood up and patted the seat of the chair. She sat down, grinning, and spread her legs, eagerly. I reached for my bag.

“What’s in there”

I pulled out a pair of furry play cuffs I had picked up in Soho on the way over. They were pink and flimsy – as far away from bondage and domination as you could possibly get, while still being a pair of handcuffs.

Dangling them in front of her, I was pleased that she started giggling.

“You know I’m not into S&M.”

“But you are into orgasms, no?”

She giggled harder.

“You trust me?”

Essie held out her hands in front of her, and spread her legs a bit wider.

“Get on with it honey, I’m fucking horny.”

I cuffed her wrists to the chair’s sturdy legs. Essie shoved her hips forward for ease of access, the lips of her pussy glinting with her juices.

Crouching in front of her, I sat back to admire the view of her delicious snatch. Then I stood up and walked over to the drinks cabinet.

“What are you doing?” Hint of frustration in her tone.

“Getting another drink. You want one?”


I smiled back at her. “What do you want then?”

“Aww, don’t do this…”

Clink, clink – the ice cubes fell into the highball glass, one by one.


I poured in a measure of whiskey.

She giggled. “You’re such a mean fucker. I knew you’d do something like this.”

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