Consent And Rubber Bands

As everybody in this kink knows who’s been around the block a few times, defining consent can be a slippery thing. Perhaps less well known is that rubber bands can be brutal:

She says she wants non-consentual torture. Well, if she wants it is it really non-consentual? I say yes, very much so. She says she wants it, but when its actually occuring, she very much wants it to stop. Take the rubber bands for instance. Rubber bands? Yes rubber bands. We went deeply non-consentual last session with rubber bands. Rubber bands are really brutal. If you don’t believe me, try them on yourself. What you do is take a small thin rubber band (thin ones work the best) and stretch it between thumb and forefinger. Now place thumb and forefinger on your flesh, pull back the half of the rubber band pressed against your flesh and let go. Snap! Don’t move your fingers pressed against your flesh when you do it. It hurts. Pull back farther and repeat. In exactly the same spot. Over and over again. After about maybe ten times, the blood starts to rise. You can see all these red dots just under the skin. They almost look like pinpricks. Now continue, on the same spot, the key is to not move your fingers, so you get the same spot with that thin little rubber band over and over again. Now the little red dots get bigger, and grow until you have a little solid red line about an inch long, maybe 1/4″ wide. Yay, its working. Now continue on exactly the same spot, snapping again and again, about 10 more snaps in exactly the same spot, and the little red line turns purple. Good, now move your fingers approximately one inch along the little purple line and continue the above steps until you now have 2 inches of purple line. Now we just need to keep on going like that until that line is 10 inches long. Just about another two hundred and fifty snaps with that little rubber band and we’ll have one stripe done.

I striped Suzzi’s tits last session. Really striped them. 10 inch long stripes, about 8 on each tit. She asked me to. She wanted me to. About halfway into the first stripe, we went into the non-consentual territory. She wanted me to stop. I told her no. She begged me to stop. I refused. She cried. I continued. She masturbated. I continued. She couldn’t masturbate, the pain was too much. I continued. No, really stop now, I’m done she says. I ignore her, come on baby, we’re almost halfway done with one tit. 20 minutes later the first tit is done. A little rest she requests. Sure baby, how about I fist your cunt then? I fist her cunt, she comes. Ok, now back to the other tit, we need to stripe it too. No, she says, I can’t. I’ve taken a lot all ready. Yes you have taken one hell of a lot all ready baby. You really have. If we quit now, then what a great session. But we’re not quitting. I tie her to the bed, wrists and ankles secured to the frame with industrial zip ties. Think military handcuff, the plastic ones. They work pretty good. Ok, now for the spandex hood, I’m marking your other tit while your in sensory deprivation. No she says.

I put the hood on her. She tells me a responsible person would not make someone puke inside the hood. You’re gonna puke? Yes, if you stripe a tit while I’m in the hood. She won’t ever exaggerate about this. Ok, touche baby. Off with the hood. Ready now baby? No. Good, then we stripe the other tit. Another 8 stripes, each about 10 inches long. All told, it takes me over an hour and a half to stripe both tits, not counting the fisting time. That was a hell of a lot of torture. Non-consentual torture. She asked me to stop, begged me to stop so many times. I didn’t. We don’t use safewords. If we did, she would have used it. That’s why we don’t. You’ll thank me later I tell her. No, I won’t. I can’t take any more, I’m gonna puke. She’s crying. Good girl. I tell her how proud of her I am. She’s taking so much. She wants it to stop. It’s too much. Good girl, you can take it sweetheart, only about a thousand or so snaps to go and we’re done.

From Welcome To The Dark Side at the no-longer-in-operation forums.

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Spanking Blog » Blog Archive » Rubber Bands Are Brutal commented on March 8th, 2007 at 8:57 pm:

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cliterarymusing commented on March 9th, 2007 at 11:13 am:

Ouch! It really does go to show if you have a mind fiendish enough you can elicit pain with anything!

drunkenlust commented on July 8th, 2007 at 3:08 pm:

Oh my goodness, what a hot idea! I would dearly love to be tied and striped like that. So imaginative!

ThePunkWay commented on July 11th, 2007 at 5:31 am:

oh my god! and i bet the good little slave girl loved it after it was all done and over

Rubber Bands Snapping Pussy Lips – Bondage Blog commented on December 5th, 2014 at 11:20 am:

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Rope Guy commented on December 5th, 2014 at 11:23 am:

Seven years on, though, I find that I think I wouldn’t have published this guy’s views on consensual non-consent today. It’s a tricky philosophical area in BDSM about which there are a lot of smart things to be said, true. But I’m not sure how much wisdom on the fringes of consent theory is to be expected from someone who cannot spell consent.

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