Taken Down And Tied

So it seems Intriguing had fun after a play party:

When we entered the play space together, I was very aware that Sophiste was walking behind me and that we had negotiated for a take-down scene. Sure enough, she attacked me from behind. I fought hard, even long after there was any chance of getting away.

I had my hands cuffed and locked behind my back and my ankles cuffed and locked to a telescoping spreader bar. I was flipped over onto my back, and I wriggled my wrists around in the cuffs until they were tucked comfortably flat in the small of my back. Then my tits were tortured – pinched, pulled, squeezed, twisted, clamped, poked, slapped and smacked. Fuck, that hurt. Sophiste was doing most of the owie stuff while Caner was up at my head, doing breathplay with me. Or to me, more like. I first explored breathplay in high school, but it’s been years since I’ve found someone who was willing to do it with me.

When they were done with my breasts, Sophiste moved down to my cunt and thighs. They received the same rough treatment, plus blows from a truncheon, and then two electrodes were attached to my labia. Caner and Sophiste enjoy electrical play, and I was nervously eager to experience their TENS unit. I was worried that it would become too intense, but I really enjoyed it, especially the longer, sustained current.

After the scene, my nipples were so sore that even simple movements hurt them. Caner, Sophiste and I examined the marks on my body. The bruises on my arms, we concluded, were caused by Sophiste’s fingers, while the red bars on my breasts came from wooden skewers and the bruises on my thighs came from the truncheon.

Click through, there are photos.

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