Girl, In Whipping Prison

OK, so being straitjacketed in “The Hole” is never the best place to be, when in prison:

locked in the hole in a whipping prison

Or is it? The first thing those serious-looking guards do to this pretty inmate is bend her over the warden’s desk for a whipping, still in her straitjacket. I’ll bet The Hole is looking pretty good to her right about now:

girl in straightjacket whipped over the wardens desk in whipping prison

But it can get worse, it can always get worse. Eventually they put her on the whipping frame:

lashed to a steel whipping frame for a prison bullwhipping

By the time they are done with her, she’s nothing but a mass of red stripes and welts — more harshness than I care to show on a friendly little bondage blog. But it’s all there at Pain Gate.

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kaya commented on August 17th, 2006 at 2:37 pm:

Paingate is one of my favorite places. That one and Paintoy. Surprise huh?!


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