Making A Harem Slave

Some fun-sounding bondage in this story titled The Making Of A Harem Slave:

Her wrists were still bound behind her back, and the uncomfortable ball gag held her mouth wide open. Her captor took her to a spot in the room where iron rings were mounted in the floor, and here he made her kneel down. Quickly he fitted leather ankle cuffs, and locked them to the rings in the floor so her ankles were close together. He had forgotten to remove her bikini pants, so he did the job with a knife.

Christina shuddered and began to perspire in horror as her nakedness was exposed. Next he unhooked her brassiere. She felt cool air on her beautiful round breasts. How often at home she had stroked and admired the lovely maidenly bosom with which nature had richly endowed her, wondering who would be the first to be dazzled by her naked charms.

Her captor, who seemed to be an Arab by his dress, seemed to agree with his young victim, for he could not resist feeling the firm globes with his coarse hands. He went to the wall, which was hung with straps, chains, harnesses, and various instruments of chastisement unknown to the young American girl, and brought back a thin leather harness.

Carefully he draped this round her breasts, crossing over the shoulder straps at her back and securing them tightly to the cross strap that went under her arms. Then he lifted Christina’s wrists and locked them tightly to the breast harness, so that she had to bend forward to ease the discomfort.

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