“I’m A Very Abasd Sexcretary….”

From Hot Action [link broken and removed]:

These are Philip’s words, but this is not Philip typing. Philip is whispering in my ear as I type. I’m lying on my stomach with a pair of thumb cuffs on.

Philip has just removed my panties.

Now Philip is reaching his hand up between my legs. Philip has warned me not to make any typing mistakes, or he will squeeze my right nipple. I’m having some difficulty typing because I’m horny and cuffed. I have made many silly typographical errors.

Philip is just about to slide two fingers into my pussy.

Philip has two fingers in my cunt right now
he’s whispering in my ear

I am twitching

I would like to take off my sweater but I am stuck (my words)

Philip has taken his cock out(Philip’s words) and he’s rubbinh == it over my ass while he finger fucks me. Philip is tearing opehn a condom wrapper.

Now his cock is up against my pussy. The head of Philip’s acock is pressing against my cuynt. a I can feel him working hijmself into me. Philip is getting annoy;ed at all the spelling mistakes I’m making. I’m a very abasd sexcre

I’m a verty bad secretary. philip is laughing at me and fucking ;me at the same timea . He is teasing me with his cock. while he makes me type all of thisa. I’m shaking and not typing very; wellal

Way to take a memo!

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