Fishnet-Wearing Dominatrix Seeks Plaything

I have never conceptualized Bondage Blog as an important part of the dom seeking sub (and sub seeking dom) internet. As demonstrated by the link in this post inter alia, there are sites for that. But even a happily partnered kinkster like myself feels a certain solidarity with folks who are still out there looking. I’ve been there; I know it’s lonely and sometimes when it hasn’t gone well for awhile it can get depressing. It’s my hope that Bondage Blog can help with that in a non-obvious way. I publish a lot of kinky erotic art and photos. One way this can help lonely people is by reminding them that people do get together and find kinky play partners, so it’s worth keeping at it!

I love the optimism of the fishnet dominatrix in this first photo. Her smug smile says “Behold my sub-keeping cellar that I have built! Foolish sub, if you descend my ladder I am keeping you forever. Regret it? Of course you will! But you’ll also have quite a bit of fun…”

fishnet dominatrix waits by her sub cellar

That’s the kind of confidence that gets play partners. You just know her sub cellar is never empty!

Then there is the eternal question: what’s the point of having a sub if you don’t toy with them? Apparently our fishnet dominatrix is a big believer in the old game of tying her sub to some solid object where he can’t do any damage and can’t reach himself or her or anything else fun. And then she settles back for some good old-fashioned self-pleasuring. It’s fun for her, it drives him wild, and depending on her stamina, there’s really no limit on how long she can draw out the game. In between orgasms she can always go over to his post (or whatever he’s tied to) and pet him and tease him and get him all hot and bothered:

fishnet dominatrix teases her sub by masturbating

Any good dominatrix has to have rules, though, and a naughty sub will occasionally break them. Perhaps he found a way to have an unauthorized wank, while he was supposed to be watching his mistress’s self-pleasure. It doesn’t matter; there will always be infractions. For is it not a fundamental rule of storytelling that a bullwhip seen coiled in Mistress’s hand in the first panel of the comic must be cracked against helpless flesh before the end of the story?

fishnet dominatrix with a whip

Dominatrix panels are from Italian fumetti comics drawn by Magnus.

sub seeking dom banner

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Prepare Your Anus: Brian Tarsis

The realization has just begun to dawn on our bondage heroine that her captor does not intend to fuck her perfectly fine pussy. Or at least, not exclusively:

Brian Tarsis bondage anal artwork from Nazi Doublecross

Artwork by Brian Tarsis.

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Suspended: Azpiri Dungeon Artwork

Do you ever suspect that the prettiest girls just don’t have anything better to do than hang around in suspension bondage in atmospheric dungeons?

Azpiri suspension art

Suspension art is by Azpiri.

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The Well-Crated Girl

This looks like a very durable shipping container. I hope the well-crated girl doesn’t settle too much in transit:

crated girl in rope bondage boxed for shipping

From Kitan Club.

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Bondage Seduction For Kira Noir

Whispering seductively in a woman’s ear is always nice. Right? Right?

kira noir gagged and enjoying a moment of bondage seduction

This scene of bondage seduction is from Sex And Submission, a Kink Unlimited channel.

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Fiance Bondage Punishment, 1912

It’s hard to judge how seriously to take this exchange of letters from a 1912 magazine. Certainly one wouldn’t offer such advice today. Quite aside from the morality of treating one’s fiance as chattel in such fashion without prior negotiation, in 2019 it’s a rare bird who wouldn’t have your ass in jail for it, and rightly. But if we assume that letters to pulpy magazines were as likely to be fiction then as they generally were later in the 20th century, then, well, these make for an amusing set of fictions:

I am very interested in the letters which have appeared in your bright paper lately on the question of corporal punishment, and I wonder if any of your readers could give me advice. I am 22 years of age, and in love with a girl of 18. She has no mother or elder sister, so she has always had very much her own way, and when I do not do just as she wants, she will often sulk a long time.

I have come to the conclusion that a good smacking would do her a lot of good, but I am at a loss how to proceed. I once hinted it to her, and she laughed and said she would enjoy it, but of course she has never had a spanking. Can some of your readers advise me?




If “Willie” wants to try the effect of a spanking on his young lady, the best way for him to proceed (having got three straps, one long and two short), is to wait until they are in the house alone. Then, not telling her what is in store for her, he should strap her wrists together and fix another strap round her ankles. He can do this playfully as opportunity presents itself. Once the straps are securely fixed, he must pro-ceed decisively with her punishment.

He should lay her across the edge of a strong table and pass the long strap through the two other ones, underneath the table, so that my lady is held fast in the most suitable position and cannot wriggle away. He can then spank her as she deserves. I suggest a thin cane as the instrument. This is the manner in which I punished my own fiancee for flirting with another man.

C. N.

The only question “C.N.” does not answer for us is whether he writes the letter as a happily married man…

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Safari Captives In Bondage

It’s a tale as old as pretty girls going on safari in the comic books and getting into bondage trouble. Captured by the natives, tied to carrying poles, and carried off! “What are they going to do to us?” asks the first pretty girl on the carrying pole. “I don’t know! I don’t know!” exclaims the other.

safari bondage comic book panel

One hates to point out the obvious to our damsels in safari bondage distress, but there’s really only two answers that make any narrative sense. There’s the proverbial fate worse than death, or there’s the stereotypical cast iron soup pot. And what nobody ever has the bad taste to mention in situations like this: the two scenarios are not mutually exclusive! Who is to say these guys don’t like to play with their food?

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