Keeping Her Busy

It’s not enough to be shackled between two horny men. The fellow watching from the sidelines, cock in hand, will be in her as soon one of them taps out:

bondage threesome

Artist is Satyr.

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Ring Gag Invaded

The trouble with ring gag blowjobs is that above a certain dick size, the necessary ring is too large for many mouths to accommodate. Fortunately, cartoon characters do not have this problem:

Art is by Bones, aka BigBonesArt.

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Chain Gang Wife

This artwork is from a foolish article about the division of labor between husbands and wives, in the July 1962 issue of Jem magazine:

wife in a polyester skirt breaking rocks with a hammer while wearing a ball and chain prison restraint

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Her Impaling

It’s… a lot to take in all at once. Literally and metaphorically:

two men lower a woman onto an absolutely huge cock

Looks to be a panel from a Peter Riverstone graphic novel.

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Padlocked Pussy

How do we know his wife is extra slutty? Because he needs three padlocks to keep her pussy locked up tight when he’s not watching her:

three padlocks through piercings in her labia and cunt lips

From a defunct porn tumblr.

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Harnessed And Deep-Throated

This bondage deep throat photo has been circulating around on all the seamier image sharing sites since long before porn tumblrs, but it had a good run there, too. The original source is lost to history (or at least I can’t find it) but I’m relatively certain I used to see this same blowjob pic without the dramatic and gritty (almost metallic) lighting that made it go so viral. I figure somebody had a fun time in their image editing package “adjusting” it to this form:

blowjob woman in a bondage harness with a cock down her throat

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Vaudeville In Chains

I don’t know anything about this photo, but the look — and especially those oversized theatrical shackles — dates it to the vaudeville era of the early 20th century. In those days they’d make the chorus girls do (and wear) just about anything for a good burlesque show, and why wouldn’t they?

chorus girl in huge fake chains and shackles

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