A Valentine From The Stockroom 2018

stockroom valentines seasonal banner

If you’re kinky, what better way to say “I heart you” than with BDSM goodies and fetish wear from The Stockroom? Considering that they run a massive sale about now, what better time to place an order? It’s become something of a late-January tradition for me to make sure my Bondage Blog readers don’t miss the Stockroom’s annual Valentine’s Day sale (ends February 14, natch) and to point out a few of my favorite deals and discounts from the sale. I should also point out that they have a handy gift guide and there’s also a gift bag deal that puts about fifty bucks worth of free goodies into your shopping cart once you’ve put your own $200 worth of items in there.

valentine sale banner

I don’t so often feature fetish-wear items, in part become the kinky clothing comes and goes a lot faster than the restraints and toys. But this sale includes a lot of discounted corsets and latex/rubber, including one item new to the Stockroom inventory that’s currently 25% off and looks likely to become a permanent, prominent, fundamental catalog item: the Basic Rubber Corset from Syren in Black, Red, or Transparent Natural colors:

slinky black latex fetish corset

The BDSM gear on sale this year includes many items seen before on Bondage Blog, such as bondage tape (previously), the ice lock (previously), magnetic nipple clamps (previously), leather bunny hoods (previously), the red Bolero straitjacket (previously), the Joanna Angels Bondage Essentials starter restraints kit (previously), the Bondage 101 kit (previously), and that perennial crowd-pleasing favorite, the spandex blowjob hood (previously). To that long list I’d like to add another new bondage kit: an inexpensive pink leather hogtie set of four restraints for wrists and ankles with a handy clip:

pink leather hogtie kit

And if your bondage budget is seriously constrained, these pink neoprene-and-velcro wrist-or-ankle cuffs for less than fifteen bucks a pair (as discounted for the sale) look like a nice bargain. Get two sets maybe?

cloth and velcro bondage cuffs in pink

I’ll wrap up with two items that ride the line between fashion and restraint; they mimic bondage gear without offering much true bondage function, but they make up for it by looking very nice indeed. Either of these would make an excellent fetish gift for the budget-conscious. The first is the Scandal lace hood:

lace bondage hood

And finally, this simple and inexpensive leather choker with heart-shaped padlock (functional lock, choker available in red or black) seems like an instant classic:

red leather choker with heart lock

The sale has about 2.5 weeks left to go, but if you want your stuff to be delivered by Valentine’s day, you’ve got less time than that. So get to work!

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“Black And Blue” Friday At The Stockroom

Black Friday stockroom sale banner

The best sale of the year at The Stockroom is, without fail, the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend sale. This year looks like no exception! In addition to discounts said to be as high as 70% (!!!) on select items, there’s a coupon code and a free gift. Use code BLACK20 at checkout for a 20% discount on non-sale items (does not work on BDSM furniture or sex machines). What’s more, if you spend $99 or more, you should see free bondage rope magically appear in your shopping cart!

Sale runs through Monday, November 27th, and I have noticed in recent years that The Stockroom is playing these big sales a bit cagey; they no longer release all the best deals at the start of the sale, but rather they tend to dribble them out as the sale proceeds. So it may be worth your while to check out the sale items multiple times over the weekend.

The biggest-dollar savings at the start of the sale are the justly-famous Bolero straitjackets for men and women, and perhaps the neon wand, which every kinky toybox should contain. But there are many valuable bargains at lower price points also! Happy shopping….

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Stockroom Halloween Sale

The Stockroom Halloween sale this year [2015] features most of their sexy Halloween costumes, a half-dozen fancy-dress masks, and choice selections from their Kink Lab, Stockroom Originals and Joanna Angel collections, along with a whole lot of sundry other bondage and BDSM items. It’s a big sale and well worth your perusal in detail if you love bondage gear bargains the way I do.

general punishment sexy halloween costume uniform

Kink Lab leather-hogtie-kit


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SEXmas At The Stockroom

sexmas bondage sex toys sale

The good holiday deals for 2013 include that perennial favorite kinky stocking stuffer, the rhinestone handcuff pendant:

rhinestone handcuffs pendant necklace

Next up is my favorite bondage device ever, the adjustable spreader-bar stocks with fleece-lined leather cuffs. This thing makes bondage sex (face up or doggie-style with her face in the pillows) not only dead easy (even for bondage amateurs) but also comfortable:

adjustable bondage sex stocks

And last but not least, we should not overlook the Stockroom’s unique Bolero leather straitjacket that keeps her snug and secure while leaving her breasts on display for your nipple-tormenting pleasure:

bolero leather straitjacket

(Also available in a festive holiday red color.)


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Straight Talk On E-Stim / Electrosex Risk

One reason I don’t talk about bondage and BDSM risk issues much is that everybody else does; there’s plenty of good kink-risk information to be found. What’s more, most sites in what would be my position (people who are not risk experts, talking about risk) tend to err on the side of caution; this leads to lots of ridiculous “safety” advice that is obviously super-overcautious, and I don’t want to be that guy.

Violet on Twitter, talking about electrical toys, captures a lot of my attitude, even though I usually just keep my mouth shut instead:

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Wood Hand Stocks

These are nice! New from the Stockroom, a set of wood hand stocks that look like a lot of fun to play with:

wooden handcuffs aka hand stocks or portable pillory

More information:

Hand made wooden stocks offer a strong comfortable hold on your prisoner. Light weight and versatile to travel easily and tie down creatively. The natural handmade look-and-feel of these stocks will take you back in time. Line up the pins to lock the blocks into place around your partner’s wrists. With a quick pull of the rope, your prisoner is under your control.

With plenty of natural cotton rope remaining, you can be creative in how and where you secure this mobile piece of kinky history. Perfect to humiliate your naughty colonist, hold your medieval prisoner, or use the remaining length of rope as a leash to parade your prized possession.

These smooth, strong, natural pine stocks are carefully made in size and proportion to keep a sure grip with a comfortable hold. The wrist-locks are shaped and sanded so there are no corners or unnatural angles to deal with. Get back to nature!

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Heavy Stainless Steel Collar

If you are into serious slave fantasies or chained-in-the-dungeon scenarios, it’s quite rare to find anything like a heavy-enough collar for sale. Most collars are decorative or symbolic, but not at all secure; they wouldn’t take ten seconds to remove with a hacksaw blade and a Leatherman multi-tool.

This heavy polished stainless steel collar from The Stockroom is a clear exception. Sure, you might want to replace the standard Phillips screw with one that has a head-pattern that’s not so standard, but otherwise, this will make your collared person feel much more secure than previously:

stainless steel heavy slave/dungeon collar

It may be tough to restrain your excitement when you realize how securely you can restrain your favorite sub in the Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar. Solid stainless steel truly makes the wearer feel the weight of the world and think about all their naughty deeds as it sits heavily around their fragile neck. A hinge on the side makes it easy to open, but a flush mounted screw on the opposite side means that escape isn’t possible until the master commands it. The smooth form of the collar is broken up by the harsh restraint possibilities afforded by the lead ring up front. Attach your favorite leash to make sure that your pet follows you to even the darkest of places…

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