Friday Bondage Links Scheduling Update

Hey everybody, after a solid year of doing the Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia I’m getting a little bored with the format. I’m not going to stop, but I’m thinking of dropping the frequency to every other week to help keep things fresh, and doing some other sort of Friday link specials on the out weeks. I have several competing ideas to play around with, one of which you’ll see here in a few hours.


Excellent Bondage Links

I just stumbled across possibly the best bondage linksite I’ve ever seen. The Bondage Links page at the Tied and True Tales website has clean uncluttered pages, hand-selected well-categorized links with personal human-written mini-reviews, and a wide selection of interesting stuff. For instance, there’s an excellent Japanese Bondage Art section with about forty links to Japanese bondage art in the anime/hentai/CG styles, linking to pages of yummy art like this:

hentai toon slavegirl sucks dick

Rope Guy recommended!

Bondage Mouthsoaping Treasure Trove

When I came across this mouthsoaping porn treasure trove post at Spanking Blog from a decade ago, I was struck by the notion that it had appeared here on Bondage Blog before. My porn memory is a funny beast, but it didn’t fail me this time. I was remembering a text-only link in one of my old Friday Bondage Links posts.

Annie Cruz being forced to hold bars of soap in her mouth because she’s a potty mouth deserves more than a ten year old text link:

annie cruz bondage mouth soaping

Go far enough down the rabbit hole of attribution and the original photo is from Wired Pussy — once a website, now a Kink Unlimited channel, though not an active/updated one these days. (How much its lack of current updates matters may depend on how long you think it would take you to look at all 500+ existing shoots.)

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Friday Bondage Gear Special #1: Pink And Red!

In honor of the upcoming 2012 romantic holiday, and the considerable sale that The Stockroom has on many items every year around this time in honor of it, I thought I’d use my Friday bondage links pulpit to highlight the joys of pink and red BDSM gear, bondage hearts and leather flowers:

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Friday Bondage Porn Special #2: Anal Sex!

Because bondage anal is extra special, that’s our theme today: buttsex bondage links!

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