Stripping A New Harem Slave

In both the original Victorian erotic novel version and the 1960s porn movie adaptation of The Lustful Turk, it amused the titular “Turk” to let his new harem slave wear her European clothing that she was captured with, but only until he snapped his fingers and demanded that she seductively remove it. When she refused at first, he had her chained in his dungeons for a few hours to consider her dangerous folly:

chained in a ball gown in the harem dungeons of the lustful turk

Did she at once realize the error of her ways and beg to be allowed to crawl, naked, to his feet? Of course she did not, foolish girl. But, being a wise master of many harem girls, he did not turn the matter into a test of mutual stubbornesses. Instead, he deployed more of his overwhelming resources to have her clothing forcibly removed by two strapping guardsmen:

forcibly stripped by two harem guards and removed from her chains

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