A Tractor For Rain DeGrey

rain degrey suspended with her head buried underground and a breathing tube

Back in May, Rain wrote about the Hard Tied porn shoot that needed a tractor:

My sex life requires a tractor and a crew of eight people, which isn’t always an easy thing to pull off, let me tell you.

When Insex asked me “Hey Rain, would you like to be hung upside down, crucified, a plastic bag with a breathing tube taped over your head, huge rocks tied off from your tits, a dildo tied into your pussy and be buried underground while you’re being vibrated?” the only appropriate answers to that question was “Fuck yes!!” And “Pretty please!”

I don’t think anyone on the crew realized how much work it would take to dig a deep enough hole in dry soil that you could actually fit a person into it. After a few good hours fucking around with shovels, we all had throbbing blisters, a sad three-inch depression in the ground and a newfound appreciation of the effort murderers must go through in order to properly hide a body.

In the end we threw in the towel and got out the tractor. The tractor did in 20 minutes what our entire crew couldn’t pull off in two hours-worth of sweaty effort. It was surreal watching the ground slowly be ripped open deep enough to accommodate my body and what my fate would soon be. Once the pit was big enough it was go time.

The whole stunt didn’t take too long to pull off. First the plastic bag with the breathing tube was taped securely around my neck and then I was hauled upside down by a pulley and hung by my ankles. Once I was hanging upside down a dildo taped to a stick was inserted into my pussy and tied in place. Large heavy stones were tied onto my breasts and left to dangle painfully. Then I was lowered back down into the pit…

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