That’s Embarrassing! (Handcuff Key Edition)

Talk about an embarrassing professional mistake:

When defense attorney John Kevin Hunt went to visit serial killer Dayton Leroy Rogers in prison last summer, guards made a surprising discovery.

Hunt had a handcuff key zipped into a pocket of his belt.

Hunt, who has been practicing law in Oregon for 30 years, said he never intended to smuggle the key into the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Hunt … offered an written apology and explanation that was given to state corrections officials and included in a Marion County Circuit Court file.

“This was a terrible, stupid mistake and … I fully appreciate the potential consequences of such an item being introduced into the institution,” Hunt wrote.

“As the gravity of this incident is so great and the embarrassment of it so profound, I open this view into my personal, intimate, private life,” Hunt wrote.

Hunt said the key belongs to a set of leg restraints attached to headboard of his bed.

“From time to time girlfriends and I have employed the restraints in the course of erotic physical intimacy,” Hunt wrote.

Several months before the prison incident, Hunt said, he used the restraints at an unidentified woman’s home. Hunt said he misplaced the key, later found it in his car, and secured it in the zippered pocket of his belt.

“I failed to take the key out of my belt and forgot about it until it was too late,” Hunt wrote in his memo.


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