Coddled In Her Cage

This pagoda-roofed birdcage-style cage would make a stylish addition to any bedroom. “The bed is a privilege, girl, not your right…” But doen’t the luxurious stuffed leather kneeling-cushion send rather the wrong message to the cage’s occupant? As an accessory, I think it’s all wrong:

coddled in her cage

Photo is from the October 2015 digital edition of Hustler’s Taboo magazine, available along with many more when you join the Hustler Network online.

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One comment on “Coddled In Her Cage”:

slzatcher commented on January 5th, 2016 at 10:55 pm:

I recognize that cage, it’s this one:

It looks like if they wanted to, they could have made the cage quite a bit less comfortable despite that thick pad. Missed opportunities…

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