A Thief’s Pillory Punishment

In Kylarena Ch. 01 by Penthesword, a pretty female thief tries to burgle the wrong dwarven smithy. Before she knows it, the smith has bunged her into a pillory for a spot of sex fun:

The dwarf pulled her over to a corner of the workshop that Kylarena didn’t remember seeing much of. “Stay there, or I’ll make you regret it,” the dwarf warned, before turning his back on her. Kylarena tried to think what her options might be, but shackled as she was there was no way she could run from the dwarf, and the chain on her wrists was too short to let her get her narrow arms around the dwarf’s broad neck. She racked her brain for a way out of the predicament that she found herself in, but was coming up with nothing.

“Alright, there we are,” Cvorag said. Kylarena blinked and stared, her knees going weak with fear. The dwarf had dragged out a wooden contraption that Kylarena recognized as being a pillory.

“What are you going to do with that?” she asked, the fear in her voice causing it to quaver.

Cvorag opened the pillory, then produced a heavy key from a chain around his neck. He deflty opened Kylarena’s manacles on her wrists before pushing her down into the pillorry. She tried to push back against the dwarf, but he was too strong, and easily closed the heavy wood down on top of her. The ominous click-clack of the pillory being locked made her flinch in fear of what was to come. It was only mildly offset when she felt Cvorag unchain her legs, though he kept the manacles on her ankles.

“Spread your legs, bitch,” Cvorag growled, slapping her ass hard with the flat of his hand. Despite herself, Kylarena found herself growing slightly aroused regardless of her terror. There was something about being so exposed, so helpless in the face of her aggressor that was triggering something truly primal within her. She did as asked, and found her legs spread apart and chained in place.

After various bits of rough foreplay:

Cvorag laughed and pulled his cock free from her pussy and his finger from her ass. He slowly pressed the head of his cock against her rear entrance, his hands firmly grasping her waist as he pushed himself forward.

“Wait, no, it’s too big…” the thief started to say, her words turning into a gasp of pain and pleasure.

“Ahh, now that is nice and tight,” the dwarf sighed, exerting a gentle but firm pressure as he pushed into her. “I’d work on relaxing if I were you,” he said. “It’ll go better for you that way.”

Kylarena bit her lip, and tried to take the dwarf’s advice. After all, it wasn’t as if she had much choice in the manner. “Ennnnff,” she groaned as she felt the head of Cvorag’s cock push past her entrance. He held it there for a moment, letting her get used to the sensation before he started to push it deeper inside of her.

“I… hate… you,” she groaned as she felt the dwarf fuck her ass, deeper and deeper. He had settled on a slow, steady pace, working his cock in deeper and deeper, inch by inch. Kylarena had to admit that despite the pain, there was a definite pleasure to it as well, a feeling of fullness that she had never before experienced.

“Hehehe. You might hate me, but you’re loving my cock up your ass, aren’t you slut?” Cvorag replied. “Fuck you’re tight.”

“Fuck you dwarf,” Kylarena moaned, closing her hands into fists so tight she was worried she was growing to break the skin.

“Should I stop then?” he asked, ceasing his thrusts and leaving his cock sitting still in her ass. He slowly circled her clit with one fat finger, but stopped short of actually touching it. The tingling sensation in her nipples hadn’t ceased growing more intense, and she felt she could cum if only her tormentor would fuck her, would tease her clit, or even play with her breasts. Hell, she knew she would cum if only she could touch herself, but given her current predicament that was out of the question.

“Please,” she said, quietly, desperately.

“Please what?” asked Cvorag.

“Please fuck my ass,” she replied.

“Tell me you love it. Tell me you love having my cock up your ass,” the dwarf said, laughing.

“Yes, yes, I love having your thick dwarf cock up my ass. I love how you fuck me. Please fuck my ass!” she screamed.

Cvorag obliged her by ramming his dick straight back into her ass, not stopping until his balls smacked against her. Kylarena responded by screaming in pain and pleasure, then surprised herself by going up an octave when the dwarf found her clit and pinched it between two fingers, pulling and rubbing it all at the same time.

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