The JT Signature Collection

Jt signature collection black and gold leather bondage restraints

Remember when the Stockroom introduced their collection of luxury restraints in pink leather with gold-plated hardware? I wrote:

For hundreds of years the rich have pampered their human pets with the finest bespoke bondage gear, hand-made by pampered craftsmen and overpaid jewelers. Now some of that luxury can be yours (without the need for introductions at that snooty and exclusive little shop in London!) because of the The Stockroom…

However, pink is not for everyone. Enter the JT Signature Collection in black leather with 18K gold-plated hardware:

stockroom JT Signature collection

It’s a complete line with collar, leash, wrist and ankle restraints, waist and thigh cuffs, and a clip and Y-tether for generally keeping everything connected to everything else. Collect the whole set!

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