Now in 2xHD Rerelease:!

Word has reached me that, at long last, some of the old and fondly-remembered videos are being re-released in the United States as special bonus material for members of Infernal Restraints. The old Insex movies no longer bear that famous brand name, though, nor are they locked in those unloved and unlamented tiny square RealMovie files. Now the movies are in 2xHD .mp4s, with a modern widescreen aspect ratio and the Infernal Restraints watermark. But these are the original goods, all right! Remember Marina? (Who could forget Marina?)

marina in the painful four-limb stocks, sitting on a narrow stone block

caning Marina's hands

Caning Marina's feet at back in the old days

The images here are cropped from stills released with the April 20 bonus update movie Worthless Cunt, Part 1 at Infernal Restraints. Other videos are said to be scheduled for re-issue as bonus updates “approximately every month or two”.

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