A “Felek” To Hold Feet For Punishment

An 1800s account at Spanking Blog about an official administration of bastinado or falaka (for selling tobacco mixed with camel shit) includes this description of a bondage device (called a felek) for holding the punished person’s feet immobile:

“You shall receive as many strokes on your feet as you have received shakies for your pipes. Bring the felek,” said he to his officers, “and lay on till his nails drop off.”

The felek is long pole, with a noose in the middle, through which the feet of him who is to be bastinadoed are passed, whilst its extremities are held up by two men for the two others who strike. My feet were instantly inserted into the dreaded noose, and the blows fell upon them so thick…

There’s even an engraving that shows the felek in use, although this detail seems more fanciful than representational:


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