Bishop: The Hunter Rose Collection

There’s a compleatist tumblr out there called Art of Bishop that is slowly republishing a whole lot of old scans of Robert Bishop bondage art, with detailed commentary:


Close-up of the panel of artwork on the page, shown in the original yellow sepia tone it was printed in.


Here’s the explanation from the Tumblr sidebar:

This blog reposts a collection of famed bondage artist Robert Bishop, most often just called “The Bishop”.

The images were posted some years ago on by Hunter Rose, an avid collector of Bishop’s art.

Since the originals were destroyed by the artist prior to committing suicide at age 46, these scans comprise most of what is still available of Bishop’s work.

The collection had at a time wide circulation on the Internet, but the comments of Hunter Rose were often lost in the process. Here the AFAIK complete set of 1359 images will be reposted, together with the comments of Hunter Rose.

Of course, all these posts are to be considered NSFW.

Nice work! However, fair warning; a lot of the posts do not contain the BISH number, and some which do not do contain commentary. It’s often unclear whether the posts are part of the Hunter Rose repost project or are independent shares of Bishop art from the Tumblr blogger’s digital collection. Likewise, it’s often unclear whether we are reading the blogger’s commentary or the original comments by Hunter Rose.

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