Over The Buttock Block

There’s an interesting bondage situation in a sex novel called Melinda And The Roman by Susannah Hughes. The viewpoint character is a modern slave in a reproduction Roman villa when she’s taken into a special room for ravishment:

The cubicle was featureless, apart from a low, wooden slatted frame about twice the width of a double bed, and covered with a thin cream-coloured mattress. In the centre of the mattress was a hand-carved wooden block, its shape exactly like the impression of a bottom pressed into sand, two deep hollows separated by a thick ridge in the centre.

The four pairs of hands pulled Melinda down onto the frame, turning her on her back so her fleshy buttocks fitted into the wooden block. This had two effects. It arched her body like a bow, up off the frame, so her belly was at the highest point and her labia were angled upwards. And it also parted and separated her buttocks. The way the hollows were carved in relation to each other stretched
them apart, forcing her sex open.

Melinda had no need to wonder what they were going to do to her. It was perfectly
obvious. The moment they had her lying flat on the frame it began. Bandu knelt
between her open legs…

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